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1804, 2018

NGN: Part of the Global Fight Against Child Trafficking

How it Begins: Imagine you are living in a place so poor and remote that your family survives on $100 a year. The closest school is a 5 hour walk and the teachers rarely show up anyway. A trusted member of your community, neighbor or family relative approaches you with the idea that he can help your child and your family have a better and easier future life.

904, 2018

Ambassador Program Coordinator Zia Lasky speaks to a local women’s organization

A testimonial from this recent talk: Zia came to our meeting this morning and was just wonderful. Her presentation was very informative and beautifully delivered. The screen notes and the video were extremely helpful. She got lots of applause and after she left, I had many members tell me how much they enjoyed the presentation.

904, 2018

DUCK expeditions are a load of quack

When I was 15, I flew to Nepal. Hiking through the Himalayas, while teaching school children English and helping out at an orphanage? Could I have been a more selfless teenager? I was off to save the world. There are few things more cringe-worthy than watching 20 British schoolgirls trying to build a well under the scalding Nepalese heat. This is what I imagine a group of local men were thinking as they politely stood back while we puzzled our way through this contraption.

304, 2018

NGN has rescued 12 children from an unsafe children’s home in Kathmandu!

On March 7th, NGN rescued 12 children from the sparse, no longer funded and unhygienic conditions of a children's home in Kathmandu. They are now staying at NGN's transit home while they receive medical and dental care during the time it takes to be in contact with their families. We have no idea what might have happened to these kids if the home's operator hadn't accepted this intervention by the Nepal Government and NGN.

103, 2018

Australia to curb tourism to foreign orphanages that exploit children for profit

The federal government has announced plans to divert well-meaning Australian volunteers from foreign orphanages that exploit fake orphans for profit. The foreign minister, Julie Bishop, will on Thursday announce a campaign involving states, territories, schools and universities to curb Australian involvement in so-called orphanage tourism in developing nations.

2802, 2018

Child exploitation fears lead to Kiwi volunteers being phased out of overseas orphanages

Child-protection groups claim some parents in countries such as Cambodia are increasingly placing their children in tourist supported orphanages because it is a better option then growing up in their own homes. UNICEF NZ executive director Vivien Maidaborn suggests the amount of orphanages may have gone up as a result of tourism.


We Need Your Help

As of 2017, there are still hundreds of children living in abusive orphanages. 80% of these children are not orphans; they have families. Help us bring them home.