Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I volunteer with NGN or meet the children you rescue?

We are always excited by people’s interests in our work, but NGN does not have a volunteer program. Also, due to our strict child protection policies, we do not let visitors meet the children staying temporarily in our transit home.

2. If I raise money from other people for NGN, how do I process it correctly?

It is really quite simple!

You can just collect the money from them and send us a check. Keep close track of who donated and how much. Be sure to get their email address! If the people who donated through you want a receipt for tax purposes you send us their name, amount and email address. We will then issue an official receipt to them for tax exemption purposes. We will do this for anyone who donates and would like the exemption letter.

If they choose to use PayPal there is a box on the donation page to let us know where the donation came from. That is where they would write a little note about your fundraiser, so we know it comes from you. Or just donate to PayPal and email us their name so we can look for it.

3. Where can I volunteer ethically in Nepal?

If you do plan to volunteer in Nepal we ask you to ask the right questions in deciding who to volunteer with. Please read these guidelines from UNICEF to help make an informed decision. We also recommend that anyone interested in volunteering in any country should have the skills for the position they wish to do while volunteering. Be very careful not to displace a job for a Nepali. Manual labor is abundant in Nepal and Nepalis need work to feed their families.

4. What is the best time of year to visit Nepal?

Fall and spring bring temperate dry weather and great festivals. Monsoon season (summer) brings challenges but can be a very rewarding time to be in the country. Of course, Nepal has a wide variety of temperate zones and altitudes, so please check the specific areas you plan to visit before leaving.

5. If I am volunteering in Nepal and I see something that I think is unethical or illegal, who do I contact?

Please contact the Social Welfare Council (SWC) in Kathmandu with those details 97714418111. They are the Nepali government agency tasked with investigating
these matters.

NGN suggests that before you consider volunteering, take time to visit the country, learn the customs and hopefully, be open to learn from the local people who have so much to share. Please submit any other questions you might have on the contact form and we will answer them for you promptly.

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